Custom Cabinets vs. Prefabricated Cabinets

Cabinet Boy has a Designer on staff, we can CREATE your Dream Home, to fit your personal needs and Style! There are two (2) basic categories for choosing cabinetry construction methods. The decision comes down to the price and quality of your investment. While prefabricated cabinets may seem like the cheapest and fastest way to assemble your kitchen, you must consider; is the price worth the quality? How are prefabricated cabinets being manufactured so inexpensively? Where are these materials coming from?

Prefabricated refers to individual cabinets usually stocked in a box and ready for assembly. Typically coming in standard sized increments and few finish options to choose from, customers are left with limitations in design and imagination. Filler strips are used in attempt to fill in awkward spaces, taking up valuable space. In order to be affordable to the public, factories must use inexpensive composite materials such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or particleboard, which are usually glued or stapled together. None of these materials sound durable enough to hold up well against moisture and daily use. There is no wonder why prefabricated cabinets are inexpensive; they are not made to last as long as custom-made cabinets using plywood quality.

Lead-In Time

The lead-time may seem faster than a custom job but the downside? Incorrect orders such as missing parts, wrong dimensions, wrong finishes, wrong style, caused by the factory assembly line and mass-production. Factor in any shipping damages while in oversees or warehouse transit. Expect product backorders, neglected phone calls, and constant communication between the representative, dealer, and oversees factory to resolve issues you may have. It doesn’t end there. The initial price of the cabinets seemed pretty reasonable at first glance, but once you start making custom upgrades, add-ons, unwanted items need to be reordered, and additional shipping fees are charged, the end cost may be more than what was anticipated.

Custom cabinets have craftsman quality and a sense of ownership. A true craftsman takes pride in his masterpiece. Constructed by hand with quality wood, hardware, finishes, and in detailed specifications. Unlike prefabricated cabinets, the customer has control over the custom features and materials used in construction giving an authentic look to your home. Custom cabinets are built to exact measurements, avoiding fillers and any wasted space, with endless finishes to choose from. Cabinet shops like Cabinet Boy also have the ability to replicate and add-on to existing cabinetry. A huge advantage in a customized purchase is the customer service access to the direct source when making specifications and resolving issues. The shop is typically local and within distance to make any adjustments needed for customer satisfaction in a shorter timeframe than dealers or factories.

These are guaranteed factors that have an impact on not only the deadline of the project but also the quality of your investment. Take into consideration; is the price worth not getting exactly what you want?