Cabinet Refinishing

Update the Look of Your Aging Cabinets with a New finish

Cabinet Boy: A Full Service Cabinet Refinishing Company

At Cabinet Boy, we can design and build your cabinets from scratch; however, sometimes new cabinetry isn’t the answer or in the budget. Fortunately, there’s an alternative – cabinet refinishing.

Give your aging cabinetry a new lease on life with our cabinet refinishing service. Our experts can turn your old cabinets around in days, saving you time and money by restoring them with a paint or stain that adds color to the room while complementing your room’s style and updating the overall look of your home.

Because of our extensive knowledge of various wood types and experience with handling various paints and lacquers, our refinishing experts handle your cabinets with care by removing your cabinet’s existing finish one layer at a time. Our cabinet finish removal system includes a rigorous seven-step cleaning process to get the wood back to its natural state. We use professional grade finish removing solvents to bring out the natural beauty of the wood species and to reduce any harm associated with over scraping and over sanding.

Once your cabinets have been reconditioned, then we apply your choice of stain or glaze that we create from scratch. We can customize any color to match other furniture in your home or create a specialty shade that is unique to your taste and cannot be bought in your local hardware store. Additionally, we can add any textured look you desire, including faux finishes, sponging or stenciling.

So don’t let your old cabinets go to waste. Consult with us before you spring for new custom cabinetry. Schedule an estimate today.

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