Granite Countertops

By Nathalie Aguirre, Builder Boy Designer

Granite one of the most popular in countertop materials. The natural stone provides colorful characteristics and unique grains in each individual slab. These stones can offer a diverse palette of tones and hues. Many times dominating the rooms color palette.

granite countertops

Granite slabs are one of a kind with an endless variety to choose from and hundreds of names to specify from. A huge value to granite countertops is its individual authenticity. From simple patterns to unusual and exotic slabs, the choices are limitless. I recommend visiting a range of slab yards to find the one that best suits your style.

Known to be one of the most durable in countertop materials, especially in kitchens. The advantages in granite stone is its scratch, stain, water, and heat resistant qualities, which are best for a heavy-duty kitchen surface. The stone also resists weathering and accepts polish and applied finish well.

Its composition contains three main minerals; quartz, mica, and feldspar. Often found in multi-use countertops, floor tiles, stair treads, building veneers, and both optimize use in all exterior and interiors surfaces. This particular igneous rock is hard enough to resist most abrasion and strong enough to bear significant weight. Its durability can easily be the deciding factor in your decision.


  • Be aware that the cost of granite can start low but can exceed in exotic slabs and detailed fabrication.
  • The installation of granite can be tough and it is important to seal the slab properly. It is common to seal your countertop once a year or every other with a water-based sealer after installation.
  • Lastly, always hire design professionals like Builder Boy to guide you in the design process.